March 01, 2014

My Canadian Tuxedo

What I'm Wearing:
Hat - Old
Glasses - Forever
Jean Jacket - Guess (vintage)
Shorts - Victoria Secret Pink
Boots - Aldo
Pendant - Ardenes

So I basically just wanted to wear the boots because I haven't in ages, so this look accommodates the boots. I know what you're thinking. Wow her shoes are spoiled. What can I say you gotta do what you gotta do. This look gives off a slight country vibe because of the jean on jean and brown boots. I absolutely love the shorts and boots in combination together with a white shirt. My aunt bought me the boots and shorts last summer in the states. At first I wasn't so keen on the shorts but now I love'em! Ask for the boots, it was love at first sight. This world, is my take on the Canadian Tuxedo, eh. Enjoy the tune above. I thought it was appropriate to not only celebrate Canadian fashion but also Canadian music.


  1. nice outfit :-)
    I really really like those boots!
    ps: thanks for fanning me on lookbook!

    1. Thank you so much! And your style is to stellar not to!