January 27, 2014

Music of the Month

So, I've decided to add a new segment to my blog. I call it music of the month! In this segment I'll write about artists I've loved for ages and new found gems. To kick the segment off I though I'd start with my old favouites.


On the top of the list is definitely Snowmine! They are a psycho pop band based in Brooklyn, New York. Which I find so awesome because although I live in Canada my cousin lives in Brooklyn, so while I'm there I'm totally going to do some Snowmine hunting! Don't worry no band members will be hurt during this process, unless you count droning on and on about my love for them. Which will most definitely bore and annoy them to death, then yes, Snowmine may get hurt. I strongly advice you to checkout this band! And if you find out by listening to them you love them just as much as I do or even more, you'll be happy to find out that their having a fundraiser on their website here. This Fundraiser features some pretty awesome stuff, like being able to see them in the recording room as they go about making amazing music. And a chance to be on the album art for the song Donor, exclusive to those who donated.