January 27, 2014


What I`m Wearing
Dungarees - Thrifted
Turtleneck - Old
Necklace - H&M

Today`s look is a lazy Sunday look. This look was actually shoot over a week ago but I forgot to post it. I just felt like being a minimalist on this day considering I was so stressed with memorizing my lines for a school play. But of course I couldn`t just stop with a turtleneck and dungarees, I had to top the look off with my favourite necklace right now. I`ve been wearing this necklace a lot lately it just goes to show how versatile this piece is. It goes with almost everything in my closet. Oh how I love gold statement pieces. But I must say silver jewelry is pretty awesome as well, it goes with everything! So tell me your thoughts on this look. And by the way, how`s Monday treating you so far?

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