December 09, 2014

I'm So Bae-sic


What I'm Wearing:
Turtleneck - old
Short - PINK
Boots - Aldo
Jacket - thrifted
Knee-highs - Forever 21

I really wanted to rock my burgundy knee highs so that's why I initially came up with this look. I know I styled according to an accessory (I consider socks accessories because socks can make or brake a look). I went for a more casual and calmer colour scheme so that I could rock the socks without clashing. I really enjoyed this look because it was feminine and comfortable. It also kept me warm without adding all the extra bulk. Not saying that I don't enjoy layering...I very much do. In other news, I have very bad posture so I'm working on that. I honestly hate my posture its so atrocious I wish my mother nagged me about it when I was younger lord knows it would have benefited me right now. My terrible posture has contributed to my even worse back pain. So that's what's up with me. I hope you enjoy the week and stay rad my readers!