January 27, 2014

Music of the Month

So, I've decided to add a new segment to my blog. I call it music of the month! In this segment I'll write about artists I've loved for ages and new found gems. To kick the segment off I though I'd start with my old favouites.


On the top of the list is definitely Snowmine! They are a psycho pop band based in Brooklyn, New York. Which I find so awesome because although I live in Canada my cousin lives in Brooklyn, so while I'm there I'm totally going to do some Snowmine hunting! Don't worry no band members will be hurt during this process, unless you count droning on and on about my love for them. Which will most definitely bore and annoy them to death, then yes, Snowmine may get hurt. I strongly advice you to checkout this band! And if you find out by listening to them you love them just as much as I do or even more, you'll be happy to find out that their having a fundraiser on their website here. This Fundraiser features some pretty awesome stuff, like being able to see them in the recording room as they go about making amazing music. And a chance to be on the album art for the song Donor, exclusive to those who donated.

Snowmine has released two albums to date:

Dialects - 2014 (yet to be released)
Saucer Eyes - Unknown
Nervous - 2011 (single)
Curfews - 2011 (single)
Rome - 2013 (single)

I can honestly say I love every song made by this band. And possibly the ones they haven't even written yet! I've never felt so captivated about a band like this before. My favourite song by Snowmine is off the Laminate Pet Animal album, Trial and Error. If you like the indie pop genre you should definitely check this band out, you won't regret it.

The Strokes

The Strokes are definitely on this list as well, but I'm going to make this short and sweet so you don't have to continue reading my fan-girl babble. This rock band based in New York, New York is definitely a must listen if you enjoy rock. And if you love rock so much and haven't listened to them before, you my friend have been living under a rock. But that's just my opinion so no hard feelings. I just adore the lead singer Julian Casablancas' swagger. He has this really cool I don't care vibe when he performs, here. My favourite song by the group is You Only Live Once off the album First Impressions Of Earth. I have sampled all of their CD's and of course I loved them, so I had to download them all. But of course I obtained the music legally using my Sony Music Unlimited Account, which I pay for. I absolutely adore their music and can't wait to get a job so I can actually buy physical copies of their music and merchandise.

The Strokes have released five albums to date:

Is This It - 2001
Room on Fire - 2003
First Impressions of Earth - 2006
Angles - 2011
Comedown Machine - 2013

So tell me how you feel about these two artists, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do or even more!

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