January 28, 2014

Vintage Bravado

What I'm Wearing:
 Hat - Liz Clairborne (vintage)
Necklace - Lord and Taylor
Blouse - Forever 21
Shorts - Tommy Hilfiger (vintage)
Blazer - Bianca Nygard (vintage)
Shoes - Gucci (vintage)
Believe it or not but I actually had a dream about today's look. I know that's pretty freaky but that's how I roll. When inspiration gets you, it just gets you! No matter where, no matter when. I haven't worn this shirt in pretty much a year and I cant believe I haven't. I love the sheer texture and the pattern. When it comes to sheer tops I usually only wear my bra underneath, but as the weather gets colder a camisole is almost a must. But seeing as I think I'm Iron Man or something I refused to do so, so I basically almost froze to death trying to shoot this look. I think this is a great outfit to wear to dinner and on a night out on the town. I just had to top the look off with my mom's old Liz Clairborne hat because it's made out of wool so its warm. And it looks like a concho hat from the front view, so it was a must. And of course I had to add the gold chain to the mix, or else the look would cease to be complete. The gold chain also matched the gold hardware on the loafers.
From this look I get a very Autumney vibe. It's definitely because of the warm colour scheme going on. It might not be autumn anymore but this look sure makes me miss it. Autumn has always been my favourite fashion season. And this look shows me why. I'd love to know your thoughts on this look, so comment down below. And I hope you enjoy the King Krule tune!

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