February 02, 2014

Black, White and Shimmery

What I'm Wearing
Black Beanie - Drugstore
Shirt - Mom's old shirt
Skirt - Marshall's
Shoes - Creepers
Rings - Aldo

I am so, so, so sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I've recently just gone over my internet data so I was unable to use the computer. I'm currently not even allowed to use it but for my few readers I'm breaking the rules. So, I wore this outfit to lunch with a bunch of my friends. And it was freezing but the tights I'm wearing are thermal and so is the shirt, so it was all good. As you can see the skirt is shimmery so my outfit isn't completely boring. I like this look because it is pretty dark without being completely black. I added frilly socks to be a bit cutesy and to add brightness. I topped the look off with a couple of silver rings for the sake of jewelry. I hope you like this look and enjoyed the tune above.

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