August 08, 2014

Velvet, Silk, Lace and Leather

What I'm Wearing:
Bandana - old
Mesh shirt - vintage
Velvet skirt - vintage
Silk Robe - vintage
boots - thrifted

Hey peoples I'm back! I'm sorry I went MIA but I'm back for good! I was unable to post because I didn't have a card reader. Thankfully now I do because it finally came in from eBay so now I can do what I love again. And I've also decided I'm going to keep my posts a bit shorter because I've noticed I ramble too much and you're not here for that you're here for the clothes. 
So I'm wearing a grunge fit because I felt like trying out this hairstyle and I thought a grunge look would go best with it. When wearing primarily black or all black I love wearing different textures of it because it helps separate the pieces a bit. I added this Gothic looking robe that I just found yesterday night in my mom's old stuff. I thought it tied the look together perfectly. I don't often dress this grungy but I'm glad I tried it out. Tell me what you think about this look and looks like it. Should I do this more often or not. And Enjoy the tune above it's a bit Gothic to go along with the outfit.

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