November 01, 2014


What I"m Wearing:
Sweater - Vintage Liz Clairborne
Boots - Ardenes
Hat - Forever 21

So this look is me trying to be a sexy goth. So as you can see I'm wearing a pink bra underneath but in all fairness I would have worn a black one but I didn't feel like changing it so if it helps imagine a black bra instead. I like this look because it could be worn on a nicer fall day and can be easily layered. Put on a nice little coat and your good to go. I friggen love the boots because they're boho chic. I've always like the indie style but could never pull it off. So this is a little piece of the style I so deeply wish I could rock. And incase you were wondering I'm wearing some random booty shorts. Hope you like this look and enjoy this sleepy and silky King Krule tune.

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