March 20, 2015


What I'm Wearing:
Turtleneck - Old Navy
Kilt - Thrifted
Boots - Aldo
Bag - Aldo
Coat - Forever 21

Life has been busy, busy, busy and very interesting and different since the last time I
posted. School stress as per usual and just a bit of life stress but that part is a given. I wore this look a couple of days ago when I was downtown getting a personal tour of the Ryerson University campus. And just as a side note it was way awesome! And I want to go to that school so bad now. Not that I didn't know this before but man experiencing the campus really made me realize that if I don't get in I might just die.
Any-who back to the outfit. I went for a slightly posh look that kept me guarded from the extreme winds that day. I wanted to be feminine but still maintain my sense of grungy style so the kilt was a must. The coat not only added to the posh vibes but it looked super duper cute closed too. Which I find is rare in coats. Well I hope you enjoy this look and the tune above...gotta love Tora vibes.

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