March 28, 2014

A Day Out and About

What I'm Wearing:
Hat - old
Glasses - Forever 21
top - my creation
Skirt - Material Girl (actually a dress)
Socks - The Children's Place (old)
Shoes - Aldo

So this post was originally gonna be called filter crazy because I went overboard with filters. However my brother convinced me to change it so now it's called the title you read above. I'm gonna save "Filter Crazy" for another day. I wore this outfit prom shopping with the homies. I already have my dress but you know I tagged along because they need my style advice, duh. Only kidding my friends just bring me along to these things because they realize I have no life. 
I'm actually so happy that the look photographed so well. Shout-out to my nine year old brother for taking the last couple pics because he could tell I was desperate for a photographer. And also a big shout-out to my friend for standing outside Denny's in the cold and taking the first couple of pictures of me.
I wore my leather jacket under the fuzzy sweater to give me a little more warmth. But the look looks better with the two separated, so I took a few pictures with them ridin' solo. The shirt I'm wearing is made by moi, with the help of my fashion partner. And the shirt actually came out way better than I expected. And yes I am wearing two different socks, that's what I'd like to call "the disappearing sock epidemic." Well that's all from me today and I hope you enjoy this super, super sweet song by Coldplay I have left for you above. Tell me what you think of this song and what are your plans for the weekend?  


  1. You look so cute, as always! <3
    Great outfit! Love everything specially the boots and you made the skirt. Wow you are very talented! <3

    1. Thanks just trying to leave my mark where ever I can :)