March 27, 2014

Mom I Swear I'm Not a Hobo


What I'm Wearing:
Hat - way old
Sunglasses - thrifted
T-Shirt - H&M
Bodycon Skirt - way old
Sweater - vintage

The story goes like this. My Mom thinks I dress like a hobo! I told her that's completely cool because if I dress like a hobo then to me they have pretty rad taste. Cheyenne 1, Mom 0. If she thinks she has insulted me she is totally mistaken. But out of all honesty I do know that not everyone likes my style but hey, at the end of the day I can't change it. Fashion changes, but style is forever (or something like that). I once read that on someone's Instagram bio and I absolutely loved it. Even though  you might not appreciate my taste in style, I'd just like to notify you on the fact that it will never change, you're welcome.
In this post I'm wearing mostly old stuff. I guess I sorta did this unconsciously because the day I took these pictures I went thrift shopping. That day I found those rad acid-wash jeans in my "Trying to Break Bad" post. The tune I have left with ya'll is in the spirit of my grungy/hobo-esk look. I'm revolting Mom! Just kidding I love you ma!


  1. Cool look! Sometimes I get the same from my mum! haha <3

    1. Thanks love <3. Yah mom's sometimes just don't get it but where would we be without them.