May 07, 2014

Keeping it Cultural

What I'm Wearing
Shirt - Dad's old
Shoes - Aunt's old
Braclets - from Ghana
Rings - Aldo

I'm so so so sorry I havent updated in forever. I'm currently experiencing some difficulties at home which means I have no internet access right now (I'm currently at the library making this post) and school has been hell lately and not to mention soccer has been taking up quite a bit of time too. But it's all good because it's my fave sport.
Basically this is a look I'd throw on for a night out in the summer or even a barbecue. I absolutely love how easy this look is and how dressy it can be if you add a nice chunky chain. I'd honestly even wear this look to fashion week because of it's quirkiness. The shirt pattern is phenomenal! It was hand made in Ghana. Patterns like this just don't exist anymore. So in case you ever do stumble across something like this I'd advice you to buy it.
I hope you enjoy the tune above. A chill tune for a chill look. This shirt reminds me of Cali cruising for some strange reason. Stay rad my readers!

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