May 20, 2014

Mad-Dash Morning

What I'm Waering:
Wool Hat - Forever 21
Jean Jacket - Guess (vintage)
Tee - elementary school memoriabilia
Boots - Thrifted

The story behind this look starts with 15 minutes and ends with grab what you can see. A couple of weekends ago I accompanied my friends to Brock University, the school they will be attending come September 2014. I'm so proud of you guys! Back to the story. That morning I woke up uber late and had literally fifteen minutes to get ready! I swear to you I grabbed whatever I could see. The way I was scrambling around my room you would have thought I was trying to get my crap and leave a regretful one-night stand. I found by trusty flannel shirt and actually accidentally grabbed my Fisher tee. I thought it was a different shirt (I would have preferred a plain white tee instead). 

I always wanted to try the shirt-to-dress look but hadn't banked on it being that morning. Woe and behold I ended up converting my shirt into a skirt and grabbed my favourite jean jacket and hat and jetted out of my house. I'm actually pretty content with this look considering how impromptu it was. As you can see my hair was doing a Nick Valensi thing, so low it, please :D. And enjoy the indie rock tune to commemorate my mad-dash in the morning.

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