October 06, 2014


                                                              The 1975 - Chocolate

What I'm Wearing:
Pants - Vintage
Leather coat - Vintage
Boots - Thrifted
Wool hat - Forever 21
Top - Vintage

This look is inspired by a Tumblr famous person named Mpho. In one of her posts she was wearing an all black one piece with cutouts and it inspired me to throw this together. This look is a little on the not so modest side but when it comes to fashion I like to experiment and do things that are outside of my comforts zone. And how could you go wrong with an all black look? Even though the silhouette of the pieces I'm wearing are body conscious the black is slimming so it makes me look good on camera lol. And ya I do realize that I am a fail for using a safety pin to hold up my pants but i happened to tug on the button a little too hard. That aside though I rate myself because YOLO and because grungy. Well I hope you enjoy this look cause..."we're dressed in black head to toe guns hanging under our petticoats..."

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