October 28, 2014

Call Me Crazy!

What I'm Wearing:
Jeans - Vintage Levi's (DIY)
Cropped top - old jumper (DIY)
Shoes - Vans Classics (slim)
Hat - old

I really wanted to do something fun and casual so I chose to go in the streetwear direction. I didnt have a top funky enough so I went shopping in my basement as per usual. I found this really old sweater I wore as a 90's kid and thought why the heck not right. It was colourful enough to fit the bill and big enough to fit me! I didn't like the length so much because it sat awkwardly on my midriff so i decided to hack a couple of inches off. And there you have it a new crop top. This look makes me feel very "Fresh Prince" and that makes me very happy. Enjoy the look and my craziness my readers and tell me what ya think.

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